The Oils Trainer

Paul Scheuer was the Trinity Tiger women’s soccer strength and conditioning coach for five years.

Coach Scheuer worked with the Trinity women on injury prevention, conditioning, and increasing strength. His duties encompassed pre-game warm-ups and cool downs, nutritional programs, athlete consultation, and off-season training. Coach Scheuer also prepared summer programs for returning players,and incoming first-year players.

A graduate of the University of Southern California, Coach Scheuer began his pursuit of strength training and conditioning in 1990. He was the owner of Body Armor - a CrossFit and athletic training center in San Antonio, Texas from January 2005 through January 2017 when he sold the facility after being voted the number one gym in 2016.

His passion for helping people get healthier has now transitioned~

Paul is now a Wellness Advocate who is known as The Oils Trainer increasing understanding of how essential oils can benefit each of us.  

He is available and eager to share healthy living through teaching classes about essential oils, specialized group events.  Any questions please contact at

AND of course, he is still available, on a limited basis, for private personal training sessions.  Any questions please contact at



His Mission Statement is " A Healer In Every Home"

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